Thursday, 29 September 2016


Everything is so clean and tidy at home now! I've been organising and cleaning (late at night, after work) for several days! 

It hasn't been this little stuff around for years.

But that is of course, because everything is now in bags and boxes in the farm house livingroom. And the place seriously looks like crap.
So after days of cleaning in the countryside I am actually dreaming about getting to organise and clean some more! But that would require the opportunity to some days off, so alas, lets see when the universe grants me a few. That, plus some renovation, and things will eventually be tip-top! (Uh.)

The reason to all of this is of course that you can now buy our lovely city home.
All though I've renovated it myself it has been on rent all along from my grandmother, who has now decided to sell it. It's sad but was of course inevitable at some point. Although I hadn't thought I'd move out to the countryside permanently before my kids were grown up so that will take some time to adapt, even though I've been living out in the peryphery most of the time by now already...

Monday, 26 September 2016


I was working from home today and took a long lunch break to go out on a little adventurous walk with Dag.

He had all his gear with him, and warned me not to step on the fallen leaves, as those would trap you and suck you right down to the hot lava core of earth.
(Good to know!)

It got a bit colder here in between and nature shifted colours so quickly - but now wonder; it's almost October by now!

Autumn textures.

Autumn leaves.

Autumn trees.

 We sat down on a rock for a little picnic.
The cats joined in; they often follow us around when out on walks!

 Everything tastes better when outdoors.

The sandwhich was so big for Dag he had to close his eyes in order to eat it.

And then we continued our little afternoon adventure in search of magic trees, watching out for dangerous rock-bombs dropping from the sky, evil cows and all the other things the vivid imagination of a four year old can come up with.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


It's that time of the year! The beret is out and the poncho is on and you can totally wrap yourself in it and there are apples everywhere:
It's autumn!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


There has been this old-photos challenge going on on Facebook lately. Not that I am sure why everything has to be a actually. The only challenge for me would be to actually make the effort to post something (when there are lots of better things to do), or then to find the time to do so, which I guess in this case is the case, as it meant trying to dig out some old photos). As I was young before digital cameras came most old photos of me are in albums at my parents house and in one box in my basement somewhere, and the amounts are of course nowhere near the selfie parades of today's world. I pretty much only remember having this photo of me from around or before this millennium. But alas, I did find some more. And I did have a little laugh and also a nostalgic smile looking at some of these. As my blog will soon turn nine years (fanfares!) and as I will get yet another year older around the same time prtt prtt PRTTT (=trumpet sound) and have often posted something old about me because of that, but nowadays usually post everything with at least a six month delay, I will do this a bit in advance. Oldies on parade, here you go!

It's 1982 and I turn one year old and have chubby cheeks and look an awful lot like my son. Or, he sure did look an awful lot like me when he was a bébé.

My sister and I sit on a rock some years later. 

And then we pretended we were on the beach in Miami where my dad had gone for business and bought us these sundresses. My youngest sister apparently wears the pink one still as a nightie. She's rather tiny. There are not so many photos of me with my youngest sister. One where we are rocking her in a swing when she's a baby and we are wearing these really strange Playboy sweatpants & shirt combo that my grandmother had bought when she was on holiday in Ibiza. "There's a cute rabbit on them..".

So here's one instead by the cabin lake shore where we are pretending to be street musicians. In 1990 or so.

Jump some five-six years forward and I'm fifteen and in a drama group and featured in this leaflet. I dyed my hair and all my clothes black at that time. My friend dug this one up some time ago and it gave me a laugh indeed. 

And then I turned sixteen and seventeen and was a hippie but these ones you have seen at some point already. I also notice that it was possible to get caffe lattes by then.


I still have that dress, a yellow 1960's sundress that used to belong to my grandmother's sister. Not that if probably fits me. But it's in a chest in the bedroom along with some other clothes that I still hold on to.

And now we are in the digital age! Here's me as an design student in 2002 or so when we had a photography course and got to take photos with a digital camera.

Not sure how to end this one here so I'll do it with the latest photo there is of me, which, suitably for our age is a selfie from earlier today when I found this field with sunflowers that one could pick and that was a nice thing for my Monday.

(For the recored,, being older is a lot better than you'd picture it to be when you are say, 15 or 21. Phew.)